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Technology Evangelists and Solution Providers

GroundUp is a personal service IT technology firm on the North Coast of Australia. Our cliental are not limited to this area. We have clients as geographically diverse as Bundaberg to Nowra, but of course we love Coffs Harbour. The explosion of remote monitoring and the Internet of Things (IoT) means that an exceptional IT company is required to be nimble enough to think on their feet but experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of IT. GroundUp fits that bill offering business only computer services since 2006. It started as a building and electrical software distribution company in the Australasia region. This quickly morphed into the multi-discipline service offering it is today. GroundUp maintains a firm focus on the Legal and Financial Services industries (including the software these markets utilse - such as LEAP, MYOB etc) to be able to offer the unique and highly specialised advice and services that these vertical markets require.