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Cloud Services

Office 365 combines the familiar Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsofts next-generation communications and collaboration services: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Google - also offer competing solutions that may be a better fit your business. There are many benefits to Consolidating all or some of your IT functions online, the cost saving analysis alone can be reason enough, if interested let us know and see how your business can benefit. More Information: Google Apps for Business  or  Microsoft Office365 

Computer asset - Monitoring and Management

We use multiple diagnostic and monitoring tools to provide you with advanced coverage of your environment. Need help managing all those devices your staff are using to access your business data. GroundUp can help advise on the best way to allow access securely to your data and then also monitor this access.

Data Recovery & Backup

We say it everywhere we go. Backup and security work in layers (like an onion). If your data layers are making you cry! Then let GroundUp peel back the layers and put in robust backup and recovery measures with options for complete disaster recovery, both onsite and offsite.

Software Solutions

Need a solution and nothing on the shelf seems to fit just right. Wanting a mobile App to interact or enhance your customer experiences. What about taming those critical LOB apps such as LEAP or MYOB; Let GroundUp Solutions use their experience to project mange the total software solution from design to development.

Domain and Internet Services

Need a new domain? Web Hosting? Virtual Servers? Email Hosting? Enter our Internet Services WebStore for all your online needs.

Server and desktop equipment

GroundUp understand the computer landscape has changed. No longer do you purchase your equipment from just one local computer store. Server from Dell, iPhone from Telstra, Laptop Online, Dictation device from local retailer. Whatever the deal you got - GroundUp can make it sing. Or better still, call us and get some advice on all the available solutions around- we may know of a few deals that may interest you.
Web Store Services